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Project Description
The Async Tasks framework provides a light weight easy to use asynchronous framework, which allows for asynchronous execution of tasks and provides notification of different events throughout the life-cycle of the task. The framework is developed in C# and .NET 4.

A friend of mine (thanks Joe) had come up with the idea, I just put the pieces together and implemented the solution. This API was designed to be as easy to extend and use as possible, for faster and easier development. I have a few ideas I will add to the solution in the next few days..such as, an AgentController that is based off a Timer and will provide an abstract method to implement that will be called every time the timer elapses. This will give you the functionality of querying a datastore and executing tasks based off the results of the query. I also plan on adding a "Keyed" AgentController that will allow for Agents to be added with a key and all collections of Agents will run asynchronously but the Agents within a keyed collection will run synchronously. This will provide the functionality of executing multiple Agents that may depend on the task(s) before them completing successfully.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know in the Feed Back section and I'll consider putting them into the framework, as long as they will not complicate the use of the framework or cause performance issues.

Please see Documentation or Source Code for examples on how to use and extend the framework.

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